Automotive Window Replacement & Repair

Get chips and cracks repaired quickly and easily at ShowTime!A cracked windshield in need of a windshield repair

Did your car window get dinged while you were dodging construction on Highway 95 Northwest? Maybe you caught some gravel flying off the back of an uncovered truck bed. However it happened, you’re staring at it every time you get behind the wheel and that chip or crack, no matter how small, could make your car much more dangerous in the event of an accident or collision. ShowTime Car Wash offers automobile window repair and replacement to ensure that your car is as safe as possible.

Is It Dinged or Cracked?

Our industry has dozens of names for all types of windshield damage, but they all refer to dings and cracks. Dings can be chips, pits or half moons, but they’re usually easy to repair. Cracks run linear across the glass, and they’re trickier. When we recommend repair or replacement, we consider these three factors.

  • Size – If you can cover up a ding with a dollar bill, it’s probably a simple repair job.
  • Length – If a crack doesn’t run longer than 14 inches, we can typically take care of it with repairs.
  • Depth – As long as the damage doesn’t penetrate the windshield’s interlayer, the glass can usually be fixed.

Does Insurance Cover It?

Most car insurance covers windshield repairs and replacements, but check your auto policy or talk to your agent about the details. If the damaged wasn’t caused by a collision, you’ll probably have to pay for it through comprehensive coverage. However, this type of coverage is optional, and not all drivers carry it.

Before you file a claim, we suggest comparing the repair or replacement cost with your comprehensive deductible. You might be better off paying out of pocket. Handling it yourself also reduces the chance of taking a hit in premium increases when you renew your policy.

What’s In It For You?

We know how easy it is to ignore windshield damage, but it’s not a good idea. There really are benefits to getting that glass fixed as soon as you can including:

  • Safer Driving – In case of a rollover accident, the windshield accounts for 60 percentof a car’s structural integrity.
  • Dependable Auto Assists – Automated assistance systems thread through your windshield and make life easier with everything from cruise control to blind spot monitors.
  • Better Resale Value – Whether you trade it in or sell it, your car has more value with an undamaged windshield.

Let Us Take a Look

If you’re still not sure about that ding in your windshield, drop by one of our ShowTime premium car care and detail center. We’ll give you an honest assessment, an affordable quote and the best windshield repair or replacement in Las Vegas. We can’t hurry up the work on Highway 95, but we can give you fast, efficient service. You can even hit our gaming machines while you wait.