Get a Nevada Smog Check at Showtime Car Wash

Sports car muffler after a smog check.

Everything You Need to Know About Passing the State’s Emissions Tests

You’ve just moved to Nevada, and you can’t wait to hit the road and start exploring. Before you treat yourself to the bright lights of the Vegas strip or the salt flats of Death Valley, however, you’ll need to ensure that your vehicle’s emissions are up to the state’s high standards. Anyone who wants to register a vehicle here needs to pass a smog check first, and if you’re from many states, you may be unfamiliar with state requirements.

What Happens in a Smog Test?

The effects of smog over a heavily-trafficked highway.Smog testing is designed to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t pollute too much. Although you can travel to any licensed, in-state facility to submit your car, truck, van, RV or motor home to testing, the state has instituted standardized assessment methods that are administered according to your vehicle’s age and type.

Vehicles that date back to earlier than 1996 usually undergo what’s known as a two-stage idle test. The mechanic or inspector who performs the assessment will gauge your vehicle’s emissions while it’s idling normally and then again while running the engine at 2,500 rpm. If your old vehicle has a diesel engine, then the testing facility must use a machine called a dynamometer, which measures the amount of force put out by the engine while the emission levels are being tested. Tests may also include visual examinations and other inspections.

What if your vehicle is newer? Most cars manufactured after 1995 have onboard computer systems. Testing facilities can just plug their diagnostic tools into these devices to determine whether your vehicle’s emissions fall within acceptable levels.

After Your Smog Test Is Complete

Smog tests can have many outcomes. The best-case scenario is when you pass with flying colors and receive your Vehicle Inspection Report. From there, you’re free to register your vehicle, but be aware that your test is only valid for 90 days.Smog Check Technician under the hood

If your car or truck doesn’t pass the test, you’ll have to fix whatever problem caused your failure and go through a second smog check. For this reason, it’s usually smart to get your initial inspection at a full-service car care center so that you don’t have to travel back-and-forth as much.

What happens if you fail the test a second time? Depending on the nature of your vehicle, you might be allowed to obtain a waiver. If your post-1996 light-duty car or truck has its Check Engine light on, for instance, you can get an exemption for the failure. Other waiver-eligible vehicles include those manufactured between 1968 and 1995 that fail hydrocarbon or carbon monoxide tests.

Getting Your Smog Test

Remember that a 2G Licensed Authorized Station must conduct your inspection. You can’t transfer your test credentials from another state with smog rules, like California, so even if you passed just before coming to Nevada, you still have to go through the process.

Fortunately, Showtime Car Wash makes smog testing easy. Since we handle everything from testing to repairs, it’s never been simpler to pass and get your vehicle registered. To learn more about your options, visit us online.